Three Months in Clearwater, Florida

We bought our RV in the Tampa, Florida area and initially parked it at a Public Storage facility while we got ready for the road. Unfortunately, that was short lived. Our RV had been there for about a week, and when we stopped in to stock it up with some of our belongings when we noticed that the storage compartments had been tampered with. Joanna went in to complain and see if they saw anything on the cameras. The person working the desk refused and said that they can only go back 24 hours. Needless to say, we moved it out of there ASAP.

We decided to park our RV in an RV park, being there would always be somebody around. We figured that would deter the deviants in the area from messing with it. However, finding a campground for an extended RV stay in Florida in January can be a challenging quest. By this time, most of the sites have already been snatched up by snow birds escaping the frigid months in the northern states. After a little searching, we found a spot in Clearwater, Florida where we could park the RV until the end of March. 


The campground that we stayed at was one of the cheaper ones along the west coast of Florida, running only $750/month plus electric. Some of the other campgrounds that we looked at in Florida went up $4,000/month. That being said, we didn’t have super high expectations for our stay there. We were pleasantly surprised though. The WiFi was worthless, but the people were pleasant and respectful. Most of people staying there were snowbirds from the northern states, and some from Canada. But we did talk with some people from as far away as Europe that stopped there while RV’ing in the US. 

Most of our time in Clearwater was spent getting the RV (and ourselves) ready for our upcoming adventures,  and visiting family that we have in Florida. Clearwater beach was only a few miles from where we staying, but we never went there once while we were staying there 😂 I guess we were just too focused on what was ahead of us, once we left Florida!

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